Monday, 23 January 2017

Linen Stitch

Linen Stitch

We are starting with the Linen Stitch as it is our favourite,  We are currently using it to design our new handbag...pattern coming soon.
The linen stitch is a lovely slipped stitch knitting pattern which makes a dense and finely detailed stitch. The fabric looks almost woven. It is solid and beautiful to look at. The linen stitch is great for warmth or a stiffer fabric. Try adding new stitch knitting patterns to basics you love, like a hat or scarf, to give an old favorite brand new life.  Or, If you’re looking for some simple, free linen stitch patterns, I’ve included links to some of my favorites at the end of this post.
Once you start trying different stitch patterns, you’ll be addicted. My suggestion when trying any new stitch is to make a full swatch (6 x 6 inches) so you can really get a feel for the pattern, how it will hang, and understand its true gauge. If applying to an favorite knitting pattern, you may need to adjust the pattern accordingly. I’ve written out this stitch patterns in both the traditional way and with step-by-step photos to illustrate that pesky knitting terminology that everyone is magically supposed to know.  It’s so easy to follow these instructions, so don’t be scared. Dive in and try something new!
How do i do it?
Linen stitch pattern: worked over an even number of stitches. Slip stitches purlwise.
Row 1: *Knit 1, slip 1 with yarn in front; Repeat from * to end. Turn.
Row 2: *Purl 1, slip 1 with yarn in back; Repeat from * to end. Turn.

We have included a few patterns for you to try out.

Honey Cowl

by Antonia Shankland

Linen Stitch Cloths

by Leah Falana

Linen Stitch Placemat

by Marcy Roberts

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