Sunday, 26 March 2017

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day everyone, we hope you have had a wonderful day. We are holding a competition to win a bundle of knitting and crochet gifts.

Go to our Facebook page Funky Needles and share your photo of your mum or alternatively if you are the important mum, share your photo of you and your kids to be entered into the draw.

The lucky name will be drawn on Tuesday at 1730 GMT what's to lose?

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mothers Day Brooches

Good evening to everyone, I hope you are all well. I had to share our new product as it has been so popular.

Mothers Day Brooches

 Show Me

As you know we sell on our website, eBay and Etsy and as i was listing the items on each platform I had a following of orders from each, which of course is fabulous. What was so great was to take a idea, run with it and hope you guys felt the love for them that we do.

So what is it about them that we love?
We love the range of colours and the choice of beads, after all it will be given as a gift to a very special lady so it HAS to be right for them and their unique style and flair.When it comes to Mothers Day I always think back to when I was a child, the gifts that were handmade were always so popular with my Mum and Nan so that is what we have tried to create, that 'handmade gift to treasure'

We have 25 variations of this brooch so check them out on our website for further information. The brooch has been featured a lot on our Facebook page so if you would like to have a look, go check us out on the tab to the right.

We hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day and spoil that special Mum x 

Friday, 10 March 2017


We have been locked away doling an awful lot of wholesale making so have not been around much but we thought we would share this video of some of our work as everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives.


Monday, 6 March 2017

New Bead Challenge

At Funky Needles we have a massive range of beads but we are always looking for new ideas, and who better to ask than you guys. Is there a bead that you would love to see at the end of your needles and hooks? Then tell us, we are here to listen.

Just go to either Facebook or Twitter use #mydreambead and put up a picture of the subject, for example, you love koalas, put up a photo of a koala and we will add it to those already sent and choose a favourite. Become a star in your own right and become the designer!

We are really excited to hear your ideas and cannot wait to see what you share, for quick links through to both Facebook and Twitter use our links and DON'T FORGET THE #TAG

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Jewel Needle Giveaway

Win a pair of 4mm Jewel Knitting Needles

Go to either Twitter or Facebook, find out post with this picture on it and share the post

Reach us using the buttons o the right hand side

Sharing is caring 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Thinking Outside The Box

As a crafter i find it essential to keep all my accessories organised. We have taken ourselves to IKEA at Valley Park in Croydon, London to see what they have available and to look at their customer service. So let's get into STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE

To start with the staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and polite, they knew a lot about their products and were very positive about the prospect of the products being used for alternative things, such as needles, yarn and scissors.

Did you know that each product is named after certain things, for example the bookcases are all named after occupations and the desks and chairs after men's names, so next time you are looking at IKEA products and wonder about their strange names, it is all down to the founder, Ingvar Kamprad being dyslexic so names were easier to remember than product numbers.

I have chosen several products to look at, whether they are available to buy online (not all of us have an IKEA on the doorstep sadly) their price and what i think they could be used for in knitting and crochet.


22cm wide
Three levels of storage in one box makes it easy to sort and find your jewellery, make-up and other small items.

Available to buy online

I love this design and can imagine all my scissors, tape measures and stitch markers organised to the max, and it is pink so what's not to love?

It reminds me of a modern day sewing box so would be just as good for sewing accessories as well and at only £10 who could say no?


various widths dependant on size chosen

Available to buy online

These boxes are made from natural wood and apart from the fact that you get to super organise your all your accessories in as many different boxes as you require, you can remove the box you need and take it with you. We love the natural wood as it means that you can paint it the colour of your choice so with the artistic flair you have you can really make it your own. The large box on the right will even hold your needles so everything is where you need it.

3, IKEA PS 2014

Versatile and space saving because the trays stack and form a table with storage possibilities.

Available to order online

When i saw this in store it became the reason for writing this article in the first place. 3 levels of trays all in different colours and a tray on top, what's not to love? My friend said she didn't like the colours but i know full well you could make it work in any room. It has a stand base so its not going anywhere and also the top level is a tray itself so you can use it to either put the items you need on the top and take it with you, or use it for working on if you are on the sofa.


40x20x23 cm

Available to buy online

Perfect for storing and carrying oil, vinegar, spices, napkins or cutlery between your kitchen and dining table. Quite possibly right but I think it would make a perfect box to store my current project in, you could have it sitting by th side of your sofa or under your coffee table, and just pull it out when you want it. This box is described for the above purpose but with a little thinking out of the box it is perfect for my task, what do you think? would you use it?


3 different sizes

The basket is hand woven and therefore has a unique look.

Available to buy online

Depending on your home and how you like to organise your equipment, these boxes are perfect to store either in a cupboard or on a sideboard. The wicker is glossy and looks expensive but as you can see they are not expensive so perfect for all those little, or in the case of the largest basket, big items, show your accessories off with pride!


£15 Hanging storage
Available to buy online

£9 Set of 3 boxes
Available to buy online

The hanging storage unit is handmade and therefore unique. I love these and have them in the office to hold just about everything. They are designed for bathrooms but the crochet like texture to them makes them a definite must for any crafter. The hanging storage is fabulous for storing circular and crochet hooks as the bags have sections in them to held keep everything under control.



Now we are onto baskets, gone are the days of old fashioned yarn baskets that your grandma had, this is the style. It has a solid top so you can put something on it such as a lamp that has a plug socket inside for, and inside you can store yarn, who else has yarn everywhere?


60cm Diameter
47cm Height

You can store everything from throws and pillows to newspapers and yarn in the basket - or let it stay empty to give an open, spacious feeling.

This must be the first storage item I have seen in IKEA that said it would be perfect to hold yarn. I must admit that looking at it I was a bit reserved as it reminded me of a fire pit, but getting over my initial views iI then looked at it with new eyes. Even if you didn't use it as a basket to store your projects in, wouldn't it look amazing with multi coloured yarns or even yarns that matched your rooms theme. When discussed on our Facebook page it came to light how amazing this would be if the yarn came out of the basket through one of the holes and it became a massive glorified yarn bowl? You could have several different colours and this would really help with intarsia and fair isle knitting. 


 These baskets are not available to order online

When i saw these baskets and lids in store apparently I shouted 'OMG look at those!'

As a person who spends their day making beaded bamboo knitting needles the sight of bamboo baskets was obviously too much for me. These baskets are not available online but retail at £15 for the basket and £9 for the lid and they are part of the Jassa range which is a new limited range from IKEA. To see more about the range see the link below. It has to be said this was the ultimate basket for me today in our search for knitting and crochet storage


Overall I had a really enjoyable day at IKEA in Croydon. It was extremely busy but everyone was moving at the same pace and it didn't seem to make a difference. A full day of great food, great service and fabulous storage, who could ask for more?

We really hope you have enjoyed our choices and have been inspired to re-think the way you look at your knitting and crochet storage and to think outside the box.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Sorry We Have Been Gone A While

Evening to everyone, hope you had a great weekend!

We have not chatted for a while as we have been brushing up our blogging skills taking part in a blogging course. We are hoping this will help us bring you better content as your reading satisfaction is really the most important thing to us. We have been working very hard and this is definitely me at the end of the day recently!

Also, we have been updating all our photos on our website and other platforms so that you can see our products in a better fashion (after all who wants to squint at the screen to see the options available) we hope you like them and please do give us any feedback you have, your thoughts are essential to us.

Check out our beaded knitting needles and hooks that have all been updated 

Beaded Knitting Needles and Hooks